Michigan Technology Inclusion Foundation logo. A blue background with a simplistic white outline of the left half of a brain connected to a small network of nodes that looks like circuitry, replacing the right half of the brain. The text reads "MTIF".

Michigan Technology Inclusion Foundation

Increasing digital accessibility and promoting diversity in the technology industry


Michigan Technology Inclusion Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase digital accessibility and promote diversity in the technology industry. MTIF is accomplishing this through free computer science education and IT support outreaches.


IT assistance for seniors

ConnectedSeniors: IT Support for Seniors

ConnectedSeniors organizes visits to senior homes. During these visits, volunteers resolve technology-related issues and answer any technology-related inquiries. Familiarity with technology is essential to connecting with friends and family. ConnectedSeniors aims to ensure that seniors can more reliably connect with their loved ones through technology.

TechStart: Coding Classes

TechStart hosts free computer science classes for everyone. We encourage individuals from typically underrepresented groups in the technology industry to join. TechStart aims to introduce programming in an exciting way by motivating students to develop their own apps and games. To promote further growth in their computer science pursuits, we provide students with online resources for learning and creating independently.

Tech Start Coding Classes


MTIF is looking for individuals motivated to teach and assist others. If you do not already have extensive knowledge of computers, we will send you online resources to learn about computer science. Regardless of prior knowledge, volunteers should be ready to learn from these experiences. Volunteers are not required to have any experience teaching computer science or providing IT support.

Volunteer Application